Carsten Lexa, G20 YEA President for Germany

“As G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance President for Germany, I extend a very warm welcome to the young leaders of the international business community, to government representatives, international organizations, consultancies, scholars and to experts from all over the world.

JCI Germany (Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland – WJD), the largest German organization for young entrepreneurs and executives, and I we are honored and proud to host the 2017 G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance (G20 YEA) Summit in Berlin.

At present, the world is changing. The decisive impulses of change are the digitalization and the resulting upheavals, and the upheavals affect all areas of life, especially the business world. However, unlike 20 years ago, the impulses for this are not only coming from the countries well known for innovation, such as Germany, England, USA or Japan. They come from all over the world and they influence people across all borders.

At this critical moment, exchanges and dialogues among business communities and entrepreneurs from across the world are particularly necessary to develop practical and sustainable solutions to support global development. Therefore, in June 2017, the G20 YEA will bring together in Berlin 500 young entrepreneurs from the G20 countries for the annual G20 YEA Summit to jointly discuss the effects of digitization on future business models, anticipate consequences and make recommendations to the leaders of the G20 on how to deal best with digitalization and its impact. With the new developments based on the advancing digitalization, we need to work closely together to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us.

At the Summit, we will not only hear from experts about how business models have to change – and will change – because digitalization will eliminate the traditional ways of doing business. We will also discuss and learn how to react to the changes, how to prepare ourselves and our businesses and how to find solutions and help in an interconnected world. And finally we will present our communiqué with the ideas that we think are crucial to react to the challenges ahead and to create growth and employment opportunities.

The Summit with its 500 young entrepreneurs from the G20 countries presents a unique opportunity to learn and listen to the future of business – the young entrepreneurs. I look forward to meeting the young leaders, delegates, representatives from governments and organizations, consultants, experts and scholars to discuss ways of enhancing international economic growth and cooperation. Welcome to Berlin – welcome to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance Summit 2017!”