Digital Trends for Future Business

Technology is excessively shaping the world around us, influencing the work and life of billions of people every day – at an enormous speed, revolutionizing not only society, but also the economy. Rapid technology change can create enormous opportunity for business from streamlining supply chains, automating manufacturing to the selling of goods and services via unique platforms. The digitalization of business has levelled the playing field for large and small businesses, creating greater competition and enabling innovation. The summit will focus on four major digital trends that are shaping business and create vast opportunities for young entrepreneurs. These trends are: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Digital Platforms (i.e. software, social media, etc). These trends have the potential to shape our future businesses and enable entrepreneurs to take part in an ever changing business landscape, creating new jobs and business to ensure sustainable growth.

To realize the true potential of these four digital trends there is still a lot of work to do: Establishing connectivity standards, forming a “single language” for all involved devices, digital infrastructure, intellectual property protection, cyber security and overcoming regulation barriers are the various obstacles that stand in the way. Entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers and governments must come together to discuss digital standards for the future and their impacts on the future business society. Our summit aims to focus on these topics and identify specific approaches that governments and entrepreneurs can take to support a more digitalized economy and business.